DS-Smart Filters

Eliminate Bypass – Protect your Desiccant Wheel and Coils

Mold and Moisture Resistant

Reduce Filter Failure

Reduce Shipping and Storage

All sizes available


Dry-Cleanse 3-Ply Filters from Dry Solutions Inc.  With Dry-Cleanse 3-Ply Filters you get the highest quality filter manufactured.  Dry-Cleanse 3-Ply Filters are unlike any other filter you will find.  The interior wire frame allows the FULL surface of the filter to do what it is supposed to do; STOP dirt, dander, pollen, and other microbial particle.  The filters fit tight into the filter rack guaranteeing nothing gets around the filter as is common with framed filters.  With the layer design the Dry-Cleanse 3-Ply Filters can offer a service life up to 300% longer than traditional HVAC filters.  The result is the best protection for your equipment and the cleanest air your space has ever experienced while saving money.

Open weave, course denier fibers – captures large particulates

Tighter denser weave, medium and small fibers – captures medium/small particulates

Final layer – dense weave of tackified micro-denier fibers – prevents unloading of particulate and captures fine particulates 

Longer Service Life

Dry-Cleanse offers a unique depth loading media that allows the filter to manage the dirt.  Most filters are constructed of media that just surface loads reducing their service life and causing high resistance to airflow across the filter after a short period of time.  This high resistance can cause dramatic increases in the related energy cost.

Dry-Cleanse media experiences a less dramatic increase in the resistance because it depth loads.  Dry-Cleanse media is composed of different deniers of media allowing for larger particles to be captured on the first layer and smaller particles are filtered as the air passed through the media.  Depth loading reduces energy cost and allows for a longer service life.  The longer service life saves money in a variety of ways; the number of filters you need to buy per year, labor cost, disposal cost, etc.

Dry-Cleanse filters eliminate the risk of unfiltered air bypass around or between filters.  Dry-Cleans utilizes a selvedge edge to provide a self-gasket.  Traditional boxed filters do not seal, allowing unfiltered air to go around the filter.

Dirty bypass air is the leading cause of desiccant wheels and coil clogging and plugging.  Reduction in the life of expensive final filters can also result from dirty bypass air.

Cardboard framed filters are vulnerable to the effects of moisture, even if they have been treated.  Moisture can cause premature filter failure.  When the frame becomes saturated they can buckle from the pressure of the system allowing unfiltered air bypass.  If the cardboard remains wet and the conditions are right mold and other microbials can easily grow on the filter media and frame.

Dry-Cleanse filters do not use any cardboard.  Instead, Dry Cleanse Filters rely on an internal wire ring for support.  This wire ring is sealed between two layers of synthetic media.  The result is a filter resistant to moisture/mold and possible costly abatement processes.

Reduced Shipping and Storage

Dry-Cleanse filters take up half of the space than comparable boxed pleated filters.  This can help save money on shipping and reduce storage space.  Another huge benefit is reducing the number of trips to and from the air handler the HVAC technician must make transporting filters.

All sizes are available.  Use one long link filter to fill an entire filter rack.

Standard sizes can be sent out to customers in a matter of days.  Dry-Cleans Filters are also available in any custom size.  Filter banks requiring several pleated filters can use 1 Dry-Cleanse Filter using our panel link option.  Individual panels linked together to form a linked filter that will fit from door to door.  This link system will eliminate gaps and spacers.  Custom filters can be delivered in 3 weeks of being ordered.